Synergy Configuration: Ubuntu Server and Window Client

Synergy is a powerful tool for you to control multiple computer (mac, window, or ubuntu) using only one set of mouse and keyboard. Basically, you need one computer to be the server with mouse and keyboard connected to it. Then you can connect however number of other computer (clients) to the server using synergy and you can work across multiple platforms (i.e. can do copy from Ubuntu and paste in window) 

In here, I am going to write down the steps for setting up ubuntu server and window client.

Ubuntu Server

1. Go to

2. Download the newest version: 1.4.12 Beta Ubuntu (with encryption)


3. Install by double click it


4. In command line, type “synergy” (no need to do “synergys” for server, nor “synergyc” for client anymore). A nice GUI will pop-up.  Choose the “server” option


5. You will see the encryption part. From now on, choose “Disable Encryption”. It is not safe to choose this option if you are using public network, but it is fine if you are using home network. (I am not sure how the encryption mode works for synergy 1.4.12 beta. I have tried, but it failed. I will update the post when I figure it out)


6.  Then you will see the main menu. Remember the “IP:address:”, this will be used when the window client is configured. Click “Configure interactively”


7. Then, you will see something like below. The center computer icon represents your server and you can drag the top right computer icon to anywhere surrounding your server (depending on the actual position of your client computer in reality).


8. After dragging the computer icon, double click it and it will appear a box like below. Type in your client computer screen name, mine is “KingChungHo” (If you don’t know at this point, don’t worry. You will know it soon)


9. Click “ok” and you will see a new client computer, like below. Click “ok” again and click “run”. YOU ARE SET FOR SERVER :D. (It becomes much easier now because of this nice UI. Before, you needed to set up “sygnergy.conf” manuall).


Window Client

1. Follow “Ubuntu Server” steps 1-2 and download the window version of synergy.

2. Install it and open it. This time, choose “client”.


3. Choose “Disable Encryption”.


4. In the main window, you will see the window client screen name(“KingChungHo”). This is the name you typed in previous “Ubuntu’s server” step 8. Now type in the “server IP”, which is shown in “Ubuntu’s server” step 6.


5. Click “Start” and you should be able to see that the window client is connected to Ubuntu server! The Ubuntu server dialog should show something like “KingChungHo is connected”. And now you can use your Ubuntu server mouse and keyboard to control the window client!


1. I am not sure why you will fail to make connection when you close the window client synergy and reopen it.  To solve this problem or any problem, try to re-install the synergy in window client. Apparently, the Ubuntu server is working, but the window client has some weird behaviors sometime.


2 Comments on “Synergy Configuration: Ubuntu Server and Window Client”

  1. Claude LEROY says:

    Simple, facile a comprendre, Fonctionne sir mint 13 64bits et windows xp.
    Merci pour ce tuto!

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