Design a website with nodejs, backbonejs, expressjs, and bootstrap

Here it’s my learning order of new technologies (nodejs, backbonehs, expressjs, and bootrap ) and use them to create a new website. I found this sequence is logical to me, and help me to learn step-by-step.

Recommended order to learn:

  1. Read the W3school for Javascript, CSS, html :
  2. Under more about javascript (what is asynchronous programming?):
  3. To begin with , please install nodejs and expressjs in your eclipse, i.e. noeclipse:
  4. Learn nodejs. Go through these documents:
    1. Nodejs introduction:
    2. What is Nodejs:
    3. Nodejs event loop:
    4. Follow this tutorial and get started on nodejs:
    5. Now: follow codeschool tutorials on this website to go over learning modules for nodejs:
    6. (optional): afterward, you have good enough idea of what is going on, so you can advances your level by reading this book (borrow from me):
  5. You probably have seen expressjs a bit, you can further your knowledge by  reading this tutorials:
    2. Example:
    3. Example:
  6. Learn backbonejs now:
    1. Good tutorial :
    2. Go through one by one:
  7. Alright, this is the last piece, read through the boostrap document to know how to style a website:

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