How to encrypt your external usb?

Encryption is very important so that even you lose your usb your data will not be taken away by others unless they crack your encryption (which one case is your have a weak password).

To encrypt your usb, there is a free open-source tool. You can encrypt your usb and then use the software to decrypt it before using it.


If you are using window 7 ultimate, you can use the BitLocker provided by window.


How to remove extra (useless) ubuntu option in boot menu(efi)?

The situation is you installed Ubuntu along with Window, and later remove Ubuntu and install Xbuntu, however, ubuntu can still be found in boot menu of window, how can I remove it?


Please read:



What’s the difference between autoencoder and NN

When you have small dataset (labeled), you will want to do unsupervised learning on large unlabeled data(same kind) using autoencoder, and learn the features of the dataset (this is called pre-training). And the train the entire network again using labeled data (fine-tunning).


When you have a LOT of data, you can build the NN entirely using backpropagation. No need to do autoencoder way.

How to install ubuntu from window using USB?

1. Go to official site and download the newest copy:

2. Create a bootable USB for installer:

3. Turn off your computer and turn it on again, make sure that your laptop is boot from usb. (If not, then you can reboot your laptop and press F-12 or F-8 or something like that, depending on your laptop, and set up the laptop to boot from usb)

4. As your laptop is booted from usb, you can choose something like “try ubuntu” and go into the ubuntu system. from the desktop, you can find something like “install ubuntu” and you can start installing ubuntu.

5. Follow the instructions and finish the installation. Note: You will choose partition for your ubuntu, choose whatever you have in hard disk 😛 your preference.


Useful links:

0. A good guide to show you installing ubuntu14.04 on a window 8.1 machine (also take care the boot issue later after installation)

1. If you have one disk and want to do partition:

2. If you have two hard disks:

A free citation tool

A free citation tool

This is a very good online citation tool which provides accurate citations with APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc style.

This tool is almost free of ads (really, not annoying at all), and it is really easy to use. I have tried couple of citation tools and this is the best so far I encountered.

2013 UCLA Inventathon—A Medicine Portal


A web portal designed for an innovative drug holder device to keep track on a patient’s past drug record and “Today” drug usage.

The web portal is a simple example showing application of multiple technologies : nodejs, backbonejs, expressjs, twitter bootstrap, requirejs and mysql.

Source code:


2011 Facebook Hackthon—Bookmark


The first hackathon projects in Python and Django. The goal of the project is to create a facebook plugin for users to bookmark favourite comments/posts/pictures in facebook. See below

Source Code: